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প্রকাশন তারিখ : 2016-08-17

Peer Inspection-Edu Institutions

Govt to introduce peer inspection system in educational institutions

Dhaka, 25 April 2015: The government is set to abandon the existing old and manual inspection and auditing system of educational institutions replacing the digital content based peer inspection system, officials said.

They said ministry of education has taken the initiative to ensure transparency and accountability in the inspection and auditing system and improve the quality of education.

“The proposed peer inspection system would ensure inspection and audit of 30,000 educational institutions in a year against the existing manual system of inspection and audit of 1700-2000 educational institutions during the same,” Education Secretary Md. Nazrul Islam Khan (N I Khan) said.

He said the `directorate of inspection and audit’ of the ministry of education introduced the manual system to inspect and audit schools and colleges and it would have required ten years time to inspect and audit of 30,000 schools, madrashas and colleges. 

“But, the proposed peer inspection system will save at least nine years time as well as bring dynamism, transparency and accountability in the activities of the directorate,” said N I Khan who mooted the idea of introducing peer inspection system.

As per the peer inspection system the head of similar type of educational institution of same upazila will inspect each other’s school/college/madrasha and the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) and education officer will co-operate them to conduct peer inspection.

 The education ministry has also taken initiative to digitize some activities of inspection and auditing directorate to bring dynamism and save time and money.  

When Inspection and auditing started functioning in 1980 the government’s annual budgetary allocation was Taka 250 crore against the 7,500 schools, madrashas and colleges, deputy director of directorate of inspection and audit Bipul Sarker said adding currently the budgetary allocation stood at Taka 7,500 crore against 30,000 schools, madrashas and colleges.

 The inspection and auditing directorate will have a dynamic website and forms, notice and instructions for inspection and auditing will be available in the site and the head of the educational institution will get an opportunity to submit inspection report online.

 The online submission of report on inspection and auditing will help to save time and labor and bring dynamism in the activities of the Inspectionand Audit directorate, Bipul said.

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